Date Posted: 04/06/22

NCP Blog: Cracking Some Egg Facts

This NCP blog is all about eggs, I hope you’re as egg-cited as I am! I’ll be sharing some fun facts about eggs, along with NCP panel member data we’ve collected.


Eggs contain several essential vitamins and minerals and in many parts of the world, eggs are a readily available, inexpensive food. They’re versatile, too. Many people enjoy them fried, hardboiled, scrambled, etc. Eggs are a staple in our home. A favorite breakfast in my family is scrambled eggs. While I like to add some shredded cheese to my scrambled eggs, my daughter, a ketchup fanatic, loves putting ketchup on hers, as well as on many other foods (I won’t go into which foods because sometimes it really baffles me, lol).


NCP On Facebook


On National Consumer Panel’s Facebook page, we recently asked:


“If you buy eggs on a regular basis, what matters most to you when shopping for them? Price, brand, size, organic, etc.” Most of our panel members and followers commented that price and size were most important to them when buying eggs. What matters most to you when buying eggs?


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NCP Panel Egg Stats


In 2021…


– NCP panel members purchased the most eggs in January, February and March. They purchased the least number of eggs in September.


– NCP panel members purchased a carton of a dozen eggs most often, followed by an 18-egg carton, then a 24-egg carton.


– 85% of NCP panel members’ egg purchases were white eggs and 15% were brown eggs.


– Most NCP panel members’ egg purchases were large size eggs, followed by jumbo size.


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