Date Posted: 08/11/22

NCP Blog: C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me

Did you ever watch Sesame Street? I loved watching it when I was a kid, and Cookie Monster was my favorite Muppet! The fuzzy blue monster with googly eyes eatsRead More


Date Posted: 08/05/22

NCP Blog: What’s in Your Sandwich?

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? So many possibilities! Millions of sandwiches are consumed each year in the U.S. They’re so convenient, my family and I eat them a lotRead More

Summer Shopping

Date Posted: 07/29/22

NCP Blog: Summertime Shopping

Do your shopping habits typically change during the summer months? Do you shop more, shop less, or shop the same as you do at other times of year? I findRead More


Date Posted: 07/26/22

NCP Blog: National Grilling Month

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is have a backyard cookout! July is the perfect time to plan one, because it’s National Grilling Month. Now thatRead More