Woman Drinking Coffee

Date Posted: 11/17/21

NCP Blog: What Do You Put In Your Coffee?

What do you put in your coffee? A few weeks ago, we discussed the wonderful beverage that is coffee. Now, let’s talk about what people put in coffee to makeRead More


Date Posted: 10/25/21

NCP Blog: Calling All Coffee Lovers

How many of you practically can’t get out of bed without a cup of coffee? I admit to being one of those people. I love my morning (and afternoon andRead More

Girl drinking glass of milk

Date Posted: 10/18/21

NCP Blog: We All Love Milk!

We all love milk!   Who doesn’t love a glass of ice-cold milk? Well, at least if you’re not lactose intolerant! (But even then, there are alternatives; see below!) MyRead More

Plant-based protein

Date Posted: 10/01/21

NCP Blog: Plant-Based Protein Product Sales Are Growing

Plant-based protein product sales are growing! In an effort to eat healthier, our family has been focusing on purchasing more plant-based meals, especially protein alternatives in the meat and dairyRead More