Mother helping her son get ready for school

Date Posted: 09/02/21

NCP Blog: It’s Back-To-School Time

Wow, I can’t believe it, but it’s almost time to go back to school. (At least where we live in New York. I know other parts of the country haveRead More

NCP in the news

Date Posted: 08/12/21

NCP In The News: Can Sweet Wine’s U.S. Image Be Rehabilitated?

(originally posted on   “It’s not sweet, right?”   Sommeliers are asked the question at least once a day, says Zaitouna Kusto, sommelier at Esters Wine Shop & BarRead More

Chewing Gum

Date Posted: 07/23/21

NCP Blog: Chew On This: Gum Sales Are Up Big Time!

In a sign of the times as we move past the pandemic, chewing gum sales have bubbled up in the past few months. As we toss off our masks, weRead More

BBQ sauce

Date Posted: 06/25/21

NCP Blog: What Are Your BBQ Flavor Favs?

Readers of the NCP Blog know how much we love to talk about BBQs. I for one live for a perfectly grilled, mouth-watering piece of meat (or vegetables or fruit).Read More