Date Posted: 09/27/22

NCP Blog: Chicken is an eggs-cellent choice

Many people know about the value of protein, but chicken has other nutritional benefits! Did you know that getting enough protein can help you manage blood sugar? Chicken also providesRead More

Fall Flavors

Date Posted: 09/23/22

NCP Blog: The Flavors of Fall

Even if you don’t have a fall season where you live, you can still enjoy the flavors of fall. Some other flavors of the season besides the most popular, pumpkinRead More

Guacamole and chips

Date Posted: 09/16/22

NCP Blog: Pass the Guacamole and Chips

Just in time for the weekend- and football season- we’re here to celebrate National Guacamole Day! Yes, even the popular dip has its own day. And why not?! This delicious, healthyRead More


Date Posted: 09/14/22

NCP Blog: Breakfast of Champions

There’s a day or month to celebrate everything, isn’t there?! According to the National Day Calendar website (which is a fun website to check if you’re looking for something to celebrate!), BetterRead More