Date Posted: 10/02/16

NCP Supports Schools, Supports the Future!

Syosset, NY (October 2, 2016) – Every year, many schools and teachers across the United States find themselves facing a challenge: what to do when the school budget cannot fully cover their students’ educational needs.
Some educators have been known to actually purchase supplies using their own money. Others find ways to make do with the resources available. Others simply do without.
For our 2016 charity initiative, titled “Support a School – Support the Future,” we asked our panel members to help us nominate 5 schools across the continental US that are in need of assistance.
With their help, we awarded five schools $2,000 each toward improving their educational needs:
Cielo Azul Elementary, New Mexico
Lake Hills School, Florida
Neligh-Oakdale Public School, Nevada
Sout Oceanside Elementary, California
Winterset Elementary, Ohio
About National Consumer Panel
The National Consumer Panel is an operational joint venture between the two leading longitudinal consumer insights providers in North America – IRi and Nielsen. NCP’s panel – comprised of U.S. consumers carefully selected across a multitude of key demographics – provides the highest actionable consumer data available to support the needs of both IRi and Nielsen.