Date Posted: 01/10/23

NCP In the News: What’s the Deal with Coupons?

Like many people, I love coupons! I’m just so bad at remembering to use them! I’ll sometimes sit down on a Sunday morning with a nice hot cup of coffee and some newspaper inserts. I’ll cut out and organize all the coupons that I think I’m going to use, only to put them in an envelope and leave them on my kitchen counter when I go shopping, lol. Thank goodness for digital coupons that I can access on my phone.


I’m also always on the hunt for discount coupon codes or free shipping offers before ordering anything online. I will always look for a deal before I order anything!


Coupon Fun Facts

In an article on, they shared some interesting coupon usage statistics. Let’s take a look.


  • 45% of consumers report using coupons often, if not always.
  • 62% of consumers check store circulars for coupons to match items on their shopping list.
  • 93% of consumers use paper coupons while 75% use paperless coupons.
  • 67% of consumers made an unplanned purchase solely because of a coupon or discount.
  • 81% of consumers would take additional action, such as enrolling in a loyalty program, to redeem a rebate or coupon.
  • 50% of consumers use digital coupons while shopping in-store.
  • 82% of consumers redeem a digital coupon within a week of being clipped and 30% redeem these within a day.


Want to learn more about how to report coupons and deals as an NPC panel member?


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