Date Posted: 04/14/23

NCP Blog: Picnics Make Any Meal A Special Event

Picnic Supplies


In the movies, picnics are often depicted as romantic events with cheese, strawberries and champagne- but they don’t have to be fancy! Of course, if you enjoy those things, go for it! Many people avoid planning picnics because the preparations seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, chicken is often a staple of picnics, whether it’s fried, made into a chicken salad, or prepared in some other way. If you’ve never eaten cold fried chicken outside on a beautiful spring day, you’re missing out!


Potato salad is another popular staple in picnic baskets, according to Tasting Table. If you plan to take foods that need to be refrigerated, however, be sure to follow food safety guidelines.


I usually keep it simple, especially if kids are involved. Some of the things we enjoy packing for an outdoor lunch include:


  • Cheese and crackers


  • Sandwiches


  • Potato chips


  • Fresh fruit like grapes, bananas or apples


  • Fresh vegetables like carrots or celery with dip


  • Canned or bottled water or other drinks


  • Granola bars


Many of these items are pre-packaged and don’t require any preparation at all, other than tossing them into a bag or basket!


Depending on the food you bring, you might also need other supplies, such as:


  • Plates


  • Napkins


  • Utensils


  • Cups


  • Storage containers for salads, dips, etc



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