NCP in the News

Date Posted: 01/14/19

NCP in the News: Millennials aren’t eating raisins — and Sun-Maid is launching its first ad in 10 years to win them over

(Source: Business Insider)

Sun-Maid wants to become relevant again.


The United States’ well-known red-box raisin snack may have been your top choice as a child, but somewhere between now and then, it’s slipped through the gap.


Data from the National Consumer Panel (NCP), which includes around 120,000 US households, shows that over the past year, the majority of consumers in the survey that were buying Sun-Maid raisins were older generations — baby boomers and seniors — rather than millennials and Gen X.


Sun-Maid’s recently appointed CEO Harry Overly, 39, has a plan to change that.


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