Date Posted: 08/25/23

NCP Blog: Are You Getting Your ZZZZZs?

Sleep. We all need it. A good night’s sleep helps us to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, many people have trouble sleeping and don’t get the rest that they need. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one-third of adults in the United States reported getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night.


According to, if you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. About 50 to 70 million Americans have sleep disorders, and 1 in 3 adults (about 84 million people) don’t get the recommended amount of uninterrupted sleep they need on a regular basis to protect their health. In a 2022 Gallup survey, only 32% of Americans said they got excellent or very good sleep; 35% described their sleep as good; and 33% said their sleep was fair or poor.


Tips for better sleep


According to an article published by Forbes magazine, your mattress, sheets and pillows can help ensure, or prevent, a good night’s sleep. Fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton and linen that breathe well may contribute to sleep comfort. Of course, fabric choice is a personal preference and can depend on the seasonal temperatures where you live.


Another tip for better sleep is, in the evening, avoid the sleep-disrupting blue light emitted from electronic devices by shutting off televisions, laptops, smartphones and tablets an hour or two before bedtime. Try to keep your bedroom quiet and dark and at a cool, comfortable temperature.



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