Date Posted: 10/04/22

NCP Blog: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tacos, It’s National Taco Day!

Where Did National Taco Day Come From?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the holiday was first invented by Roberto L. Gomez, a San Antonio, Texas city councilor. In 1961, Gomez sent a 48-pound tamale to President Kennedy as a birthday gift, “on behalf of citizens of the United States of Latin heritage,” according to a press release.


The tamale stunt led to the creation of the National Taco Council, which promoted San Antonio Mexican restaurants and Mexican pride. The city then began to recognize the days before Cinco de Mayo (May 5) as National Taco Week, and in 1969 the Texas governor proclaimed those days at Taco Week.


Through the years, new taco “holidays” began to appear, created by governments, cultural organizations and restaurant owners. Finally, Del Taco, a California-based chain, declared Oct. 4 to be National Taco Day in 1989, and other restaurants jumped on board.

Not Just For Dinner

Tacos aren’t just for dinner! A few weeks ago, I wrote about breakfast and mentioned that my family likes to enjoy breakfast foods for dinner (or “brinner,” as we call it!). Well, we often enjoy tacos for breakfast! Our easy version for breakfast is simply a tortilla filled with eggs, meat, cheese and salsa. However, you can put almost anything in your breakfast taco!


Dessert tacos are another version you might want to check out! They’re usually filled with sweet things rather than savory, such as cream cheese, fruit, whipped cream, cinnamon or sugar. You can find a few ideas for dessert versions here.


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