Labor Day weekend

Date Posted: 08/31/22

NCP Blog: Labor Day Weekend Plans

Travel and Labor Day Weekend Plans

The Vacationer, a travel news website, estimates that 137 million Americans will travel over Labor Day weekend this year. According to their Labor Day survey, 53% of respondents said they plan to travel this weekend. More than a third said they would travel by car (35%), with another 14% indicating they would travel by plane.


As of Thursday, Aug. 18, AAA reports that the average price of a regular gallon of gas was $3.931. Even though gas prices have dropped a little recently, more than half of the survey respondents said that gas prices would affect their travel plans.


Interestingly, American adults in the middle Atlantic region– which include New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania– were most likely to have their travel plans affected by high gas prices. Travelers in states like Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and the Dakotas were less likely to report that gas prices would impact their Labor Day weekend plans.

Taking Time Away from Work

Hopefully, some of the people who plan to travel over the holiday weekend are also using vacation days and taking more time for their trips! Wallethub reported that in 2020, 57% of Americans left an average of 4.6 vacation days unused. And, 57% of Americans reported in 2021 that it had been more than a year since their last vacation of any kind. Perhaps not surprising because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but even if you don’t travel anywhere, it’s important to take time off.


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