Helpful New Year’s Resolutions

Date Posted: 01/06/21

NCP Blog: Helpful New Year’s Resolutions

I’ll jump on the bandwagon of people saying “Thank goodness 2020 is almost over!” Yes, it’s been a tough year. But the end of any year brings forth the hope for the coming year to be better, and for all of us to try and become better people. That’s where New Year’s Resolutions come in!


And who doesn’t like making a good New Year’s resolution? (OK, so most of them don’t pan out, but it’s worth a shot, right?)


Since many people are concerned about money issues, let’s look at some financially focused resolutions. We’d like to note that every individual’s circumstances are different; so, some – or all – of these resolutions may not work for you.


What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? According to a recent survey by, more than 97 million Americans are likely to make financial New Year’s resolutions this year, compared with only 66 million who made one last year.


The surveys says that these are the top financial resolutions:

Save more: 34%
Pay off debt: 26%
Spend less: 18%
Make more money: 17%
Improve credit score: 5%


Here are some specific resolution ideas you can work toward in 2021, according to


Save More

The best way to start saving money is to make a budget, or if you don’t like to call it a budget, let’s just say it’s a spending plan. Start by determining your monthly fixed income and then decide what spending areas are most important to you. Gather up your bills from the past few months and make a list of all your expenses. Then rank them in order of importance, with true necessities such as housing, utilities, food and health care obviously taking the top spots, according to Then comes funding savings or retirement accounts. After that would be some not so necessary, but fun, things you might want to buy. Then, you can simply try to cut from the bottom of your list.


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