Date Posted: 10/25/21

NCP Blog: Calling All Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers – how many of you practically can’t get out of bed without a cup of coffee? I admit to being one of those people. I love my morning (and afternoon and evening) cup of Joe. This blog is for all my fellow coffee lovers!


How Much Is Spent On Coffee?


Just look at the numbers. Americans spend an average of $1,092 on coffee every year. This breaks down to roughly $92 a month, which is about $3 worth of coffee a day, according to Overall, sales in the coffee market will amount to $81 billion this year, says


It’s Coffee Klatch* Time


There are many fascinating facts about coffee. Here’s a little taste about the java, dirt, mud, daily grind, lifeblood, tar, rocket fuel, worm dirt, etc.


  • Coffee beans are actually seeds. They’re the pits of the cherry-like berries found on the flowering shrubs, but we call them “beans” because of the resemblance to legumes.


  • You would need about 37 gallons of water to grow a coffee bean. More than 1,300 gallons of water are needed to produce one 12 oz. cup of coffee.


  • There are over 120 species of the plant. However, the Arabica species is mostly used. Although less popular, Robusta tastes slightly more bitter and contains more caffeine.


  • Today, Brazil produces about third of the world’s supply, according to the International Coffee Organization, about twice as much as the second place holder, Vietnam.


  • There are only two U.S. states that grow coffee. Since coffee traditionally grows best in climates along the equator, Hawaii’s weather is optimal for harvesting beans. California also recently got into the coffee growing business.


  • Finland is home to the biggest coffee drinkers. The average adult Finn drinks 27.5 pounds of coffee each year, with Norway and Iceland trailing just behind, according to the International Coffee Organization. Meanwhile, the U.S. ranked 26th on the list, since the average American chugs “only” 11 pounds of coffee per year.


  • People from New York drink seven times more coffee than other cities in the United States.


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