Fun in the cold Winter

Date Posted: 01/19/22

NCP Blog: Brr…It’s Cold Outside!

It’s cold! Where I live, the temperature went down into the teens this week! That blast of cold air when you walk outside in the morning will really wake you up! With that in mind, let me ask, do you enjoy winter? (Personally, I would prefer it to be at least above 30 degrees with no wind chill!)


Instant Poll Results

We recently asked our panel members what winter activities, if any, they enjoy doing. Our Instant Poll on the NCP panel member website asked, “What’s your favorite winter activity?


Here’s what our panel members said:

Hiking/Walking: 20%
Sledding/Ice Skating: 3%
Skiing/Snowboarding: 4%
Hibernating: 73%


Lots of panel members like to hibernate during the winter! Do you enjoy any of the winter activities listed above? If the winters aren’t cold/snowy where you live, let us know what you enjoy doing during the winter months.


More Winter Activities

Besides the winter activities listed in our recent poll, there are lots of other ways to enjoy the winter months. Check out some of these suggestions from


Drink Something Hot – Enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.


Snuggle Up – Snuggle up with a cozy blanket and watch your favorite TV shows or movies, play games, do puzzles, catch up on reading, etc.


Get Outside – Bundle up and go for a nice brisk walk.


Be Creative – Try your hand at a new hobby or craft.


Eat Seasonal Foods – Warm up on a chilly day or night with a hearty soup, stew, chili, or other comfort food.


Rest/Relax – Take an afternoon nap if you can or go to bed early.


Whatever you choose to do in the winter months, enjoy them and most of all, stay warm!


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