Date Posted: 01/24/18

National Consumer Panel’s “NCP Cares” community outreach initiative donates to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Syosset, NY (September 1, 2017) – The devastation brought upon by Hurricane Harvey has gripped the entire country. With National Consumer Panel’s main office here in Long Island NY, our staff find itself with a particular deep sense of empathy, having still painful memories of the impact of Superstorm Sandy only a few years ago.

As many of our panel members know, this is the time of year when NCP holds its annual “NCP Cares” community outreach initiative. Each year, we invite panel members to nominate charities and organizations in their community to receive a donation to help in their endeavors.

In the past, NCP Cares has donated to homeless shelters, veteran’s causes, schools, animal shelters and many more worthwhile causes

Given the current situation in Texas and Louisiana, we have decided to forego our traditional program and instead make immediate donations – in the total amount of $10,000 – to organizations that are working feverishly to assist those affected by the storm:

  • The Red Cross’ efforts in Hurricane Harvey aid
  • The Houston Food Bank
  • The Galveston County Food Bank

If you would like to make a financial contribution as well, we are providing a small list below. Other organizations can be found online.

As everyone waits for the flood waters to subside, we continue to send our positive thoughts out to those affected. We also express gratitude to all those who are working tirelessly in the evacuations, caregiving, and other support.

Please consider making a donation to:

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