NCP 10th Anniversary

Date Posted: 02/07/20

National Consumer Panel (NCP) Celebrates 10th Anniversary

2020 marks NCP’s 10th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Ten years ago our parent companies — Nielsen and IRI — formed the joint venture that would become NCP.   NCP is committed to gathering consumer opinions and shopping data to guide manufacturers and retailers in making informed decisions about what products to develop, improve, or sell in the market.


NCP has a long heritage as a premier consumer panel.  While we are proudly commemorating 10 years, we have long been a leader in the industry. In fact, we have current panel members who started participating well before our transformation into NCP.


Over the last decade, we’ve undergone some extraordinary changes, both internally and externally.


– We’ve adapted our product scanning and survey approaches to leverage improvements in technology, leading us to the use of our NCPMobile app for panel member participation.


– Our rewards programs have evolved and expanded to feature new gift items, digital gift cards, and unique engaging special incentive experiences.


– We connect with our panel members through a number of social media platforms and feature video tutorials on YouTube.


– We have enhanced our support to panel members to interact via phone calls, emails, social media, and more, ensuring their experience is the best it can be.


– Internally at NCP, we acknowledge and celebrate the amazing efforts of all our employees through various recognition programs and engagement activities.  We have been honored with multiple awards yearly – being recognized as one of the “Top Businesses to Work For” in the state of New York and on Long Island.


– We continue to engage charities and social service programs both on a local and national level with our NCP Cares Community Outreach Program.


Ultimately, none of this would be possible without our extraordinary panel members and employees.  In the words of National Consumer Panel’s COO, John Toomey, “Our panel members are the fuel that powers NCP.   Our talented teams use the shopping trips and survey responses our members provide to deliver the very best consumer purchase and attitudinal behavior in the market place.  Join with us for the rest of the year as we share more details about our 10th Anniversary celebrations, including exciting incentives for our panel members, employee events, and much more.”


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