NCP's In The Know Program

Date Posted: 05/12/21

In The Know: Top Store Types

In this edition of NCP’s In the Know (ITK), we share the top ten store types our panel members shopped at in 2020 vs. 2019.


There’s a few obvious mainstays throughout the list. But keep an eye out for one interesting change in 2020. Can you guess which store type moved up the farthest on the list in 2020?


Some of the interesting facts you’ll find in this edition of ITK:


– The top ten store types reported by NCP panel members,


– Which store types just missed the top ten list, and


– The store type that was the least reported in both years.


What Stores Didn’t Make The Top Ten List?


Curious to know what stores types didn’t make the top ten? We will share those, too!


And, in case you’re wondering, “Camera Shop” was the least reported store type in both 2019 and 2020!


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