Through our proven record of data collection products and services, we provide the high-quality, actionable consumer data that powers the insights and solutions IRi and Nielsen deliver to their clients.


NCP panel members are recruited online via our secure website, After completing the recruitment process, members are selected based on U.S. population statistics, and targeted demographic and geographic criteria.

Panel Management

NCP thoroughly monitors panelist participation and data collection to ensure high quality deliverables to our clients. Through effective compliance strategies, various communication methods, and rewards programs, NCP successfully engages members resulting in increased panelist satisfaction.

Data Collection

New households are provided with scanning hardware technology, or access to our mobile app, to enter and transmit their shopping information. This detailed information identifies who buys, what they buy and where they make their purchases. Manufacturers and retailers utilize this important data to track consumer purchase behavior over time, and in turn, adjust their marketing strategies where necessary.


NCP has full-service survey capabilities, providing survey design, hosting and reporting capabilities to our clients. Survey questions and respondent samples are carefully designed, leading to qualitative results and insights from thousands of households across the U.S. Surveys are an integral part of panel membership, providing the “why” behind the “buy” of consumer purchases.

Data Processing and Tabulation

NCP has a dedicated data processing team that manages NCP’s panel data and data collected for specialized projects. Raw panel data is converted to insightful information through our intricate validation, editing and tabulation processes. Thorough quality control procedures are central to our operations, resulting in error-free and on-time deliverables for our clients.

“NCP panel data helps manufacturers understand consumer preferences on specific brands and in turn allows retailers to stock the right item assortment for their local markets.”

Executive Vice-President

Nielsen Data Science